About the Rise Up! Campaign
In 2017, Hudson Hall completed a $9.5 million restoration of its magnificent performance hall, as well as the Center Hall Gallery and the Common Council Room, elevating the presentation of art, music, opera, dance, theater, and performance to new heights. In making the building fully ADA accessible for the first time in its history with the addition of an elevator tower, Hudson Hall took out a $3 million loan, which converted to a mortgage upon placing the theater into service.

Since reopening our historic theater, we have worked hard to reduce our mortgage by over $1.5 million. Now, with support from a generous 1:1 matching gift of $500,000 from the Reinhart Foundation, Hudson Hall’s Rise Up! Campaign will reduce the mortgage by another $1 million, ensuring the future of New York State’s oldest surviving theater as a community asset for generations to come.

Hudson Hall Board of Directors
Paul Barrett, President
John Van Ness Philip,
Vice President
Justin Goldman, Treasurer
Sarah Lipsky, Secretary
Donald N. Gellert,
Executive Committee
Cynthia R. Richards,
Executive Committee
Walter Flamenbaum
Hillary France
Robert Michel
Mary Ellen Ross
Walter Sudol
Ilyse Wolfe Tretter
Dawn Tsien
Doug Wingo

Elena Mosley, Director Emerita
Ellen V. Thurston, Director Emerita

Reinhart Foundation Board of Directors
William L. Reinhart
Christopher R. Richards
Cynthia R. Richards

The Asbjorn Lunde Foundation Board of Directors
Steve Kern
Madeline Lanciani
John Van Ness Philip
Dr. George Robb
Dr. Kurt Sunstrom

The Rise Up! Campaign Donors
Dawn Tsien & Tony Albino
The Asbjorn Lunde Foundation
Paul Barrett
Mary Ellen Ross & Vern Bergelin
Deborah & Mark D’Arcy
Tambra Dillon
Judith & Walter Flamenbaum
Kristin Gamble
Elaine Koss & Donald N. Gellert
Susan Hendrickson
Eugene O’Brien
John Van Ness Philip
Frederic C. Rich
Reinhart Foundation
Cynthia R. Richards
Stewart’s Shops
Ellen V. Thurston
Ilyse Wolfe Tretter & Lyndon M. Tretter
Tim Legg & Doug Wingo

Listing as of March 30, 2024