Our Vision for 2021 and Beyond

The Fund for Hudson Hall is a $3 million fund raised over the next four years to secure our role as an anchor institution, a central provider of quality cultural programs and experiences with outsized economic impact, now and into the future. The Fund for Hudson Hall will support the following:

  1. Maintain our newly restored landmark building for the enjoyment and education of generations to come.

In 1992, Hudson Hall was saved from decay by a group of local citizens that saw its potential as a catalyst to help revitalize the City of Hudson, which was in severe decline. Going backwards is not an option. It is our collective responsibility to ensure the future of this 165-year history.

2. Support, present and promote the arts.

Hudson Hall is driven by a civic and social purpose founded in the belief that culture is central to our shared heritage, identity, and future.

Hudson Hall’s reputation for high quality innovative, diverse, and relevant artistic and community programming has grown exponentially since its restoration in 2017. We serve local audiences as well and attract visitors to Hudson from around the region, the state, nationally, and on occasion, even from around the world.

Hudson Hall’s programming has reflected the distinctiveness and range one would expect of a much larger organization. We mounted a new community-based production of Virgil Thomson and Gertrude Stein’s opera The Mother of Us All directed by R.B. Schlather to international acclaim, shined a spotlight on Hudson’s “first family of creativity” with three special days of music, dance, and theater performed by the Badila family and their collaborative friends from the community, and presented performances by internationally lauded artists such as Natalie Merchant, Stephen Petronio Company, The National, Tim Fain, and Dirty Projectors, to name a few.

Committed to supporting artists in creating new work, Hudson Hall has offered residencies to local choreographers Adam Weinert and Lucinda Childs, the string quartet ETHEL and musician Bobby Previte, and numerous community groups.

Hudson Hall strongly advocates for keeping ticket prices affordable in order to serve our local community, offering tickets to community groups, veterans and local youth on a regular basis.

3. Hudson Hall is steadfastly committed to playing a pivotal role in the economic advancement of our community.

Pre-COVID-19, the City of Hudson already had a poverty rate substantially higher than the national average, and the public schools were among the lowest performing in New York State. To serve these communities, Hudson Hall offers a year-round program of free cultural and educational programs, including hands-on art workshops and after-school programs for young people, as well as community-wide events such as Winter Walk. Programs such as Harmony Project Hudson, the Hudson Hall Workforce Development Program and Hudson Hall’s community outreach efforts have further cemented Hudson Hall’s position as a vital resource for the city and the region.

To accomplish this vision, we are:

  • Working closely with our Board of Directors, a diverse group of individuals who represent the intersection of arts, culture, business, education, and philanthropy that is crucial to our success;
  • Empowering our senior leadership and staff to be as bold and inventive in addressing new challenges while keeping the spirit of Hudson Hall at the forefront of all initiatives;
  • Engaging new residents and visitors with Hudson Hall as the go to cultural and community destination where everyone feels welcome and one that constituents hold dear.


Small, but mighty. Together we can make it happen.

In order to not only survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but come out stronger, Hudson Hall’s Board of Directors has committed to a set of institutional goals to secure our future.

How you can help:

Consider stretching your gift to reflect the unprecedented challenges we face in this moment and the need to fortify our financial foundation to ensure our future. Whether it’s bumping up your giving from $1,500 to $2,000, or $5,000 to $7,500 a year, individual gifts are the bricks and mortar of our funding base.

Consider your annual giving and make it a 3- or a 5-year pledge. Knowing that we have your ongoing support would give us the financial security to move forward with confidence.

Our goals:


Become a financially self-sustaining organization;

Eliminate the $1.5 million remaining mortgage secured as part of the U.S.D.A.’s investment of $3 million rural development community facilities fund ($1.5 million has already been eliminated);

Increase operating revenue from philanthropy by 20% per year. Fixed costs represent two thirds of Hudson Hall’s operating budget.

Consider making a one-time additional gift to help us eliminate our capital debt and establish a fund to maintain the building you played such an important part in restoring.

To help you manage and maximize your giving, and provide Hudson Hall with a level of stability, we welcome multi-year pledges to help us reach our goal.


Name our magnificent Performance Hall                                                       $1,500,000

Name the Center Hall Gallery                                                                      $100,000

Name the Common Council Room                                                                $75,000

Name the Workshop or West Room (two opportunities, one available)        $50,000

Name a dressing room (two opportunities, one available)                           $25,000

Name a pair of chairs in the performance hall                                               $2,500

Make a stretch gift equivalent to one mortgage payment                               $7,834

Make a stretch gift to cover one, bi-weekly payroll. We are a small, but mighty staff and one that is not only critical to maintaining our historic building, but essential to implementing every program from a free community workshop for youth to a mainstage performance. They are “essential” workers. Bi-weekly payroll, 3 full-time staff (reduced from 6 pre-COVID), 3 part-time staff (increased by 2 pre-COVID), plus workforce development students                                                                                                  $12,000


Create a fund in your name to ensure an annual program in a discipline of your choice     $100,000

Become a sponsor of the Hudson Jazz Festival , or establish a commissioning fund to develop a new work by an artist in our community                            $10,000 – $50,000

Commit to sponsoring a program on a multi-year basis; we are happy to work with you to identify a program that reflects your interest.

A dance or theatre presentation                          $10,000

A concert                   $5,000

A one-week residency                       $2,500

A gallery exhibition                    $1,500


Underwrite a 10-week workforce development program                                $35,000

            Or make a gift to sponsor a workforce student                                     $1,500

Become a title sponsor of Winter Walk                                                                $10,000

Free multi-week workshop for youth                                                              $1,000