Poetry Pop-Up

Starting March 20, 2021

TENTACLE is the Flow Chart Foundation’s public series of pop-up poetry projection interventions, created in partnership with Hudson Hall. Flow Chart are projecting from an upper floor of their office across the street to the giant Nordic tent of Backbar in Hudson, NY. The series launches on Saturday, March 20th with “We”, from the Prague-based poetry and performance collective OBJECT:PARADISE (see details below).

Special thanks to Flow Chart’s Jeffrey Lependorf and Mark Allen for making this series possible.


From March 20th, 2021

Nordic tent at Backbar (347 Warren St., Hudson, NY)

TENTACLE launches with “We,” from the Prague-based poetry and performance collective OBJECT:PARADISE. The scrolling text features a series of statements of hope and solidarity that, in the context of COVID-19 restrictions, can be read either positively or negatively.

Here’s the text:

We keep vacuuming the house. We sold our shoes because we do not need them anymore. We cooked our girlfriend breakfast after she yelled at us. We brush our teeth twice a day as an event. We are excited to go to the store, to eat vegetables. We have found hidden secrets of our homes, our bodies. We have developed habits we are not yet comfortable with. We feel sorry for the delivery driver. We call our mothers and tell them we are sorry for not calling. We wash our hands when we come home. We think about our childhoods and smile. We clean new places in old rooms. We want our friends to call us so we call them. We want to be looked at so we look close at ourselves. We get haircuts in the living room & pay for the inconvenience. We want to be better cooks so we call our mother in-laws. We cry secretly in the other room while our girlfriend sleeps to not wake her. We want to be more creative and we are excited for a moment. We make our beds and are not afraid anymore. We tell each other It is ok. We tell each other we are not alone. Tell each other. Tell ourselves. It is ok. We are not alone. It is ok. We are not alone.