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Hudson Hall becomes an outsized arcade arena for a day with the 1997 Sony PlayStation smash hit video game PaRappa the Rapper, co-created by artist Rodney Alan Greenblat. PaRappa is a high-energy, interactive videogame taught by various cartoon rap masters that include a kung-fu master with an onion for a head, a cranky moose who administers driver’s tests, and a very stoned frog. The original PaRappa sold more than three million copies, spawning a sequel and a rock-based spinoff called UmJammer Lammy. Come in, grab a controller, and get lost in play on the big screen.

This event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Ticket holders may request a refund or credit, or transfer their ticket to a tax deductible donation or membership by emailing or by phone at (518) 822-1438. For further updates and announcements, please join our mailing list