Julie Evans, John Lippert, Lucio Pozzi, Lorenza Sannai

Date to be Announced

Artwork by Lucio Pozzi

Curated by Lucio Pozzi

Julie Evans, John Lippert, Lucio Pozzi, and Lorenza Sannai are four artists who happen to live and work a few doors from one another on the corner of Partition and 3d Street in Hudson. This exhibition of paintings reveals both the common and divergent characteristics of these artists who share a locality but arrive at distinct and individual destinations.

Curator’s note: 

Four painters who work at Partition and Third in Hudson NY.

We work next door from one another and yet it took years before we actually got to know the art we make. After a while I realized that there is an uncalculated, indefinable invisible thread that weaves its way between our studios.

While everyone’s work displays traceable influences, the art is not dependent on them. Instead of fettering our work to pre-declared themes, we let our sympathies seep into our art by osmosis.

For this exhibition I have selected a limited range of everyone’s output. The paintings are all of an intimate size. These artists have no wish to seek novelty or to hide their affinities. What matters to them is to find instruments of thought and process that can allow and foster their pursuit of the unfathomable. Somehow they share an avoidance of rigid programs. They rather never know exactly what happens next and never know when a painting is finished.

In my opinion, this art is an indispensable counterpart to art that engages in social commentary or activism. It is art of the solitary pilgrim, of disorientation, of the solitude (not loneliness) of the modern painter. The paintings are single entities that encourage those who wish to stop and look, to project their own universe into them.

**This exhibition has been postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. For further updates and announcements, please join our mailing list**