Bobby Previte: No Bells, No Whistles

A Concert for Solo Drum Set

Saturday, July 27 at 7pm

Photo credit David McIntyre

Tickets start at $23 (includes $3 fee)

In a world premiere coinciding with the release of his first solo drum record, Bobby Previte performs solo pieces for the modern drum set that will change your perception of the instrument’s identity. Seated in the round, up close to the instrument, the parallel worlds of player and listener dovetail into one.

The drum set is a circle with the drummer as its fluid center, rooted within the architecture but sending out flares of sound beyond the physical boundary. It is of course a glorious machine for rhythm, but by asking the listener to answer the questions posed by its unknowable timbres and pitches, it can also reach the furthest depths of melody, harmony, texture, and narrative. – Bobby Previte

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