Brooklyn Raga Massive | TERRY RILEY’S IN C | Friday, September 1 | 7pm

Brooklyn Raga Massive | TERRY RILEY’S IN C | Friday, September 1 | 7pm



A new look at a major minimalist masterpiece

Friday, September 1, 7pm

Tickets: $30 in advance; $35 at the door



Brooklyn Raga Massive, the wildly popular collective of forward thinking musicians rooted in or inspired by the classical music of India, performs Terry Riley’s In C. Composed in 1964, Riley’s In C is considered a minimalist masterpiece. The entire score consists of just one page, but allows for any number of performers in any instrumental combination to perform it. With its repeated patterns and improvisational form, the work can last for several hours or a fraction thereof, to ecstatic and transcendental effect. In spirit, Riley’s In C is not unlike the raga, the melodic structure of classical Indian music, and no two performances are ever the same.

For this performance, Brooklyn Raga Massive brings the music full circle, beginning with a classic raga set led by percussionist Ehren Hanson (tabla) and flutist Eric Fraser (bansuri), followed by an hour-long version of Riley’s magnum opus with the full ensemble led by Neel Murgai.

Special thanks to the Thendara Foundation for making this event possible.

Followed by Sound Nidra with Ruthie Fraser on Saturday, September 2, at 10am.